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Q: How many firms are currently outsourcing CAD services?

A: The CAD outsourcing marketplace is changing rapidly, especially over the last few years. Until recently, CAD outsourcing was not being openly discussed in the user meetings and conferences, however, that is changing quickly. Until a couple of years ago, only large Architectural and engineering firms were seriously pursuing CAD outsourcing and smaller firms were feeling left out. CTS Drafting and Design is changing that marketplace by offering even smaller firms an opportunity to leverage the competitive advantages of outsourcing and empowering them with CAD outsourcing solutions that really work. The number of firms that are currently outsourcing is still small (maybe 5% or less), however, within a short period of time (5-10 years), the number is expected to go up drastically and the companies that jump on the CAD outsourcing boat today, will have a strong competitive advantage, tomorrow.

Q: How small or large a project can you undertake?

A: We work with smaller shops to larger firms, however, the size of the project we work on is not important, it’s the regularity of the work. For most of the clients, we have setup standards within our office and that has resulted in shorter turn around times for each of our clients. It takes a little time for our team to understand each specific clients way of working and develop an understanding that is critical for long-term CAD outsourcing. In general, we have clients who provide us work either continuously or regularly. Having said that, we also work on one time projects.

Q: Can you please explain the software capability of CTS Drafting and Design?

A: CTS Drafting and Design can support multiple software depending on the requirements:

  • Civil: AutoCAD.
  • Architecture/Engineering: Autocad, Architectural Desktop (ADT), Chief Architect.
  • Mechanical: Autocad, Chief Architect.

Q: Why CTS Drafting and Design? What differentiates you from the herd?

A: First, we are not brokers – the ones who accept projects from clients and then in-turn outsource to another company in Argentina, Philippines, China or India. We have our own production office and we control the quality of the people we hire, the processes and every small detail that matters. Secondly, we are experienced working on hundreds of projects and we have developed time-tested work processes to make outsourcing really work for you. Lastly, most firms work with large firms only – At CTS Drafting and Design, we work with a wide range of sizes of companies (1 Person Company to companies with hundreds of employees) – we bring the prowess of CAD outsourcing to the mainstream, not just to the big players.

Q: Can I mail, E-mail or courier the originals?

A: Yes, you can send your paper originals/copies directly to our office by what ever means are most convenient for you.

Q: Do you have a representative who can meet with us?

A:Yes. Our representative would be more than happy to meet you at your office to assist with your CAD outsourcing venture.

Q: Would you be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A: Yes. We can sign a Non-Disclosure agreement upon request.

Q: Do you provide up front pricing?

A: Yes. our focus is in providing ongoing CAD support (long-term) and we do provide an upfront price to help you evaluate the services before committing.

Q: Where is your office located?

A: The office is located in Fort Washington, Pa. with a new location now In Elizabethtown, KY

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: CTS Drafting and Design has been in business since 2002 and over the years, we have worked with a number of clients across Pennsylvania and New York.

Q: I have more questions not answered here.

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